New owners of AB Kuggteknik

1 July 2019 12:00

After many years as a family business, Kuggteknik has from 2019-07-01 got new owners. Xano Industri AB has acquired AB Kuggteknik through its subsidiary Mikroverktyg AB. With this, Pär and Ewa hand over the operation of the company. With this, Kuggteknik will become a strong and long-term owner with the will to grow with continued local support. Your contacts remain the same as before. - We look forward to being able to continue to develop the spirit and knowledge that has been built up for a long time at Kuggteknik in Leksand. It complements the prototype and short-series production of specialty items that take place within Micro Tools, says CEO Kjell Wallin.

We thank Ewa and Pär for their trust.